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R&D Tax Claims

Many businesses believe that R&D tax claims are limited to brand new products or ideas, but this is not always the case.

Simply doing something differently, making something bigger, smaller, lighter or faster may be considered R&D and can generate a significant cash repayment from HMRC.

For example, many manufacturing companies are entitled to make R&D tax claims because a large proportion of the time and resources is spent developing new processes and adapting products.

Companies that employ Engineers and Technical Directors are also likely to have potential claims as these roles suggest that significant R&D is carried out by the business.

Who Can Qualify for R&D Tax Claims?

The legislation enables companies to make R&D claims and a wide range of industries may be able to benefit, including:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food & Drink
  • Electronics and Electricals
  • Engineering
  • Foundries
  • Software & IT
  • Manufacturing
  • Chemicals & Glues
  • Waste Recycling Plants
  • Video Games Development

Our AV Tax experts and industry specialists at Ad Valorem have considerable experience of analysing and submitting R&D claims and have an excellent working relationship with the specialist R&D offices within the HMRC. Therefore your clients are in safe hands with our R&D Consultants who will submit and agree the quantum of the claim with HMRC. Most importantly, our specialists work on a contingent basis so there is absolutely no financial risk to you or your client.

The R&D process is extremely complex and our specialists will look at a variety of areas where costs are incurred in order to quantify the claim. They include:

  • Staff costs for those involved with the R&D project
  • Consumables (items used in the R&D process)
  • Software costs
  • Light, heat and power costs (a proportion of these can be claimed)
  • Subcontractor costs (a proportion of the costs could qualify)

Due to our extensive experience, the claim process can be handled in just a few short weeks and, as with many of the AV Tax services, R&D tax claims ensure that your practice benefits from introductory commissions. Simply contact us today on the details below to discuss how you and your clients could benefit.