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Cloud accounting products like Xero are without doubt disrupting the small business accounting world, and you may wonder why, or not really understand what it is!

By Nikki Adams, CEO

One of the barriers to small business owners and entrepreneurs talking to their accountants at the right times, when their advice is really needed, is because of the dreaded hourly rate and sometimes not knowing what it is they don’t know.

Quite often the high costs of getting the accounts produced sucks up the funds that would be better spent on getting good advice that will ultimately save the business owner time and money in the long run.

Xero is a platform that you use on the internet – so, no computer necessary as you can use your smart phone or iPad to access the software. It links directly to your bank account – so no logging in to internet banking and remembering multiple passwords.  There are a multitude of add-on applications that can be used on whichever digital platform you prefer.

So what, you may ask!

What it means is you can manage your business wherever you happen to be.  It makes flexible working easy and reduces the need for an hourly paid bookkeeper.  Unless bookkeeping is your trade, this frees you up to do what you’re really good at.

Your business financial information is literally at your fingertips.

It has changed the relationship that is possible with your accountant at a very reasonable cost.

This doesn’t mean your accounts are necessarily simple, but the front end of the bookkeeping is kept simple so that non-accountants can understand it and can self-serve much more successfully than was possible 10 years ago.

Xero very successfully bridges the gap between business owner and business adviser. Our clients, using Xero, range from individuals trading alone to multi-million international groups.

Let technology buy you time…it is one resource we can never replace.

By Nikki Adams, CEO

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