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UK Payslips: Changes to the Law in April 2019

On 6th April 2019, new legislation comes into effect which requires all workers to be given itemised payslips. It was noticed by UK Government that some employers had been either inadvertently or deliberately, flouting UK Employment Law and denying some employees their rights to minimum pay. For zero or low hour contracts, many companies were […]

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11th Hour Changes to Childcare Vouchers

Plans to scrap government childcare vouchers have been delayed to October 2018 the exact date has not yet been communicated by the government. The scheme was set to close on April 5 and be replaced by tax-free childcare, which entitles families to claim up to £2,000 a year per child. Why the delay? Since launch […]

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What happens if you don’t report payroll information on time?

The HMRC has introduced penalties for employers who report their payroll information late. You can get a penalty if: your Full Payment Submission (FPS) was late you didn’t send the expected number of FPSs you didn’t send an Employer Payment Summary (EPS) when you didn’t pay any employees in a tax month HMRC won’t charge […]

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National Living Wage – What do employees think?

The government recently undertook a survey to discover what employees think about the introduction of the new National Living Wage.  What is the National Living Wage? On the 1st April 2016 the Government’s new National Living Wage will become law. If you are working, aged 25 or over and not in the first year of […]

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What does the summer 2015 budget mean?

Our summer 2015 budget summary is designed to help you interpret what the summer 2015 budget means to you. Alongside our text we have included tips which you may want to consider. At the back of the Summary you will find a calendar of the tax year with important deadline dates shown. One of George […]

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Get Ready For Pension Auto-Enrolment Is your payroll department compliant?

The next big challenge for payroll departments within Small and Medium sized enterprises will be the phasing in of auto-enrolment which will require all employers to provide a pension scheme for their employees… Pension auto-enrolment will be phased in and the precise start date depends on how big you are! Larger firms have been required […]

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