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Creating An Awards Strategy To boost your brand awareness

Winning awards can be a fantastic way of generating free PR for your business. Creating an awards strategy involves researching relevant awards and planning which categories to enter your business into throughout the coming year ahead

all that glitters may be bronze, silver or gold – winning an award counts!

An awards strategy can be a big boost in helping businesses to build their brand, build brand awareness and communicate with targeted audiences. While many larger businesses understand the value of an awards strategy, many small and medium sized firms fail to pursue industry related awards. They either do not grasp the concept, do not allocate the time to professionally fill out forms, or simply do not make it a key part of their marketing strategy.

Winning an award or multiple awards can produce a great number of benefits both inside and outside your firm.

•Firstly, winning an award sends a strong message to customers and potential target customers alike. It reinforces your marketing efforts and demonstrates to your current customers that they are doing business with a sound and reliable company. It informs prospective customers that your business is reputable and reliable

•Secondly, winning awards can be useful in generating press coverage. You can create a campaign based on winning the award, which could include press releases, email campaigns, adding the awards logo to your website and marketing materials, etc

The business can also create a social media campaign and highlight the award on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

In developing an awards strategy your business should consider which awards are relevant to the business and its customers. Then develop a calendar which includes dates and submission details for each award category that you wish to enter. Finally, you should designate one person in the office to champion the cause and entrust them with the responsibility to make submissions on time.

Want to take a deeper look into the awards strategies which your company could develop? Then call us on +44 (0) 1908 219100 and let’s brainstorm what you want to achieve and how we can make it happen!

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Nigel Adams

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