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How secure is cloud accounting?

We are often asked – how safe is cloud accounting?

Security is always a concern with any size business and loss of data is a business’s worse nightmare. This is where cloud accounting could put your mind at ease!

how secure is cloud accouting

The cloud is one of the most secure locations for data to be stored. Cloud based software companies boast:
– Around the clock physical security
– Multiple firewall layers and network security
– Securely stored data online
– Regular third-party audits and inspections

With servers being located in enterprise-grade hosting facilities, access is only granted to authorised staff through a combination of biometric systems. The servers are also protected by security guards around the clock. Does your laptop, memory stick or hard-drive have this kind of protection?

Just to make sure that the data is as secure as possible, the independent inspections provide confirmation that the way the companies build and run their software is secure.

As well as the high level of physical security guarding the servers, external access to them is also highly guarded via multiple layers of firewall protection, intrusion protection systems and routers, which are monitored, configured and upgraded according to industry best practice.

So…now you know it’s safe and secure how can the cloud help your small business?

  • You can access your data from anywhere. All you need is an internet connection to gain access to all your data.
  • Everything is backed up automatically. How many times have you lost data that has taken your valuable time to produce? Not anymore.
  • Upfront business costs are reduced. Version upgrades, maintenance, system administration costs and server failures are no longer issues as they are managed by the cloud service provider.
  • Automatic updates; saving you time. How many times a year have you wished you just had that extra half an hour?
  • Multi-user access makes viewing and collaborating with your team easy. Do you have an office in Milton Keynes and Luton like us? Make it easier for your team to connect with cloud accounting.

Cloud Accounting – Secure as a bank and beneficial for your business!
Please contact us for a free demonstration of cloud accounting software. More information including an intro video is also available on our Cloud Accounting technology page here.

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Written by George Bruce.

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