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Keep calm and support mental health day!

It’s that time of year where we all come together and support awareness and advocacy against social stigma.

A day to reflect on the lives of people who suffer from mental illness.

Accountancy environments can be extremely stressful, especially working to strict deadlines, long hours and having continuous client demand. However, as a firm, we aspire to generate an affirmative environment where all of our employees feel that they belong and work to the best of their ability.

We believe it is essential to help and encourage the mental wellness of our staff and not to ignore the impact that poor mental health has on us.

For our clients, running businesses can be stressful and may feel there is no time to relax. But, making staff feel under pressure and strained doesn’t make a business run smoothly. In fact, it can be demotivating, tiring and may lead to having a negative attitude towards your business.

Therefore, It is important to look after your staff, make them feel at ease and let them take time out when they need it to look after their well being.

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