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Latest Fraud Advice – Please Be Aware

Fraudsters are getting more and more cunning in their bid to gain personal banking information.

You may be aware that seemingly internal emails have been sent requesting money to be transferred into an account. We ourselves have experienced this as you will see in the email below. Luckily our internal staff are aware that there are  such emails going around to businesses asking for money to be transferred and therefore verbal confirmation is now requested before any transactions are made, ensuring we are not caught out.

Signs to look for:

  • Has the email been signed in the usual manor of the sender?
  • Is the email address exactly the same as the impersonated sender?

These signs are important to look out for, however the advice is to still gain verbal confirmation from the sender before any information is passed over or any transaction is made. This is because the scammers are getting more and more sophisticated. As you will see in the email below, no information was requested, just a simple question asking if the transaction was possible, in the hope to gain trust to provide future requested information or transactions. You will also notice that the email address is incorrect and Nigel never signs his name Nigel Adams when sending internal or usually even external emails.

SCAM Email 1

We have also been made aware that as well as emails, fraudsters are now sending extremely convincing letters posing as banks, in this case stating that there has been unusual transactions occurring and to contact a telephone number to confirm the transactions are genuine. The telephone number is a fake number and does not belong to the banking group, meaning it is a scam.

As the letter appears on Lloyds headed paper, it is easy to understand how people are caught out. The advice provided is to independently verify any details provided in any mailings or emails. Look on the suppliers/clients website to check email addresses and phone numbers. Call the phone numbers on the website, rather than the email or letter to query the correspondence in question.

Please click here to view the example of the latest scan letter.

We hope that this information is useful in helping you stay safe and prevent any fraudulent acts happen against you.

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