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MKEX Technology Exhibition

Visit us at Stadium MK for the MKEX Technology Exhibition on 22nd June 2016. MKEX

MKEX is Milton Keynes premier technology exhibition. There are over 80 exhibitors, including both local and national businesses, showcasing how they are leading the way with technology.

Whether you are a start-up or established business, it is well worth a walk around MKEX to see how the latest tech could help you.

Why are we exhibiting at MKEX?

Cloud technology has formed a large part of what we do at Ad Valorem, focusing on ways to make the running of your business both more efficient and easier.

We will be demonstrating and be able to answer any questions you may have about the latest in cloud accounting technology.

Why visit Ad Valorem Cloud Accounting Specialists?

The traditional way to run your business from an account prospective is to pass your accountant your books and records at the end of your financial year. Your accountant then produces your accounts and files them to Companies House before your deadline. However, by the time you hear how much profit you’ve made and how much tax you owe, these figures could be up to 9 months out of date.

What if you could see exactly how much profit you are making? What if you could see the difference in margin of your products or services? What if you could realise how much money you put into a marketing campaign, with little or no sales return?

If your accounts are in the cloud, you can effectively work in the real-time, enabling you to see the points listed above and more.

What is Real-time Accounting?  

With your accounts being in the cloud, it enables integrations and links to be formed with your bank accounts and add-ons to help with the running of your business. Cashflow effectively becomes live, with feeds from your bank transactions, sales invoices and purchase invoices, enabling you to see exactly what is going on in your business, before it’s too late to make a decision.

For more information about Real-time Accounting and how it can help your business, please visit us at the MKEX Technology Exhibition for a live demonstration or contact us on the details below.

Ad Valorem Cloud Accounting Specialists

01908 219100

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