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R&D in History – Thomas Edison’s 170th Birthday

This week, on the 11th of February we will be celebrating Thomas Edison’s 170th birthday.

Thomas Edison was the pioneer for modern lighting systems, creating the first commercially viable light bulb as one of his greatest achievements. From this, the lightbulb has been included in many technological advancements including: improvements in health and safety, photography, forensic science and energy efficiency.

He has been regarded as one of Americas greatest inventors, with 1,093 patents on his inventions over the course of his life. His other famous inventions include the first Kineograph. This was a camera that captured motion pictures which has led to the modern film industry. He also invented Alkaline storage batteries which are still used today-be it more compact and more efficient nowadays.

If you believe you are developing further technological advancement or developing new technologies, you may be able to claim R&D tax relief. If you believe you are eligible, please feel free to contact our tax team.

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