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Tax Enquiries – Fee Protection Service

Avoid paying additional fees by subscribing to our Tax Investigation Protection Service!

Many tax investigations and audits by HMRC can be extremely complex, intricate and time-consuming to deal with. The costs of defending your business can undoubtedly run into thousands of pounds, even if little or no tax is paid at the end of the investigation.

Most investigations are chosen at random, but you might be selected due the nature of your business, where you live or even the type of profession you’re in.

An enquiry can be more than just reviewing a single tax return, HMRC will also have the authority to look through records, investigate through PAYE and VAT records or even send out HMRC officers to deal with a tax inspection at your business premises.

Tax investigations can last for more than a year and during the last financial year HMRC claimed a record £28.9bn from enquiries, challenging business records, tax returns and accounts.

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If your investigation has concluded to no additional tax due, you will still be liable to pay for professional fees if you hadn’t subscribed to a Tax Investigation Protection Service beforehand.

So, what are the benefits of subscribing to our service?

  • It will allow us to check if HMRC are entitled to investigate the tax return chosen and challenge them if not.
  • It will allow us to ensure the tax inspector only asks for relevant information and documents.
  • It will protect you from any additional professional fees.
  • We will argue any complicated or technical tax cases raised during the investigation.
  • We will prepare for and attend face to face meetings with the tax inspectors.
  • It will offer supporting information from our files relating to when your accounts were drawn up.
  • We will respond to telephone calls, emails, letters, compliance fact sheets and notices issued by HMRC.
  • It will allow us to deal with any settlement negotiations all the way through to a successful conclusion.

If you haven’t already, it’s worth looking to subscribe with our Tax Investigation Protection Service and we’ll ensure you won’t have to worry about these costs and help you get the best defence possible.


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