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The world of fraud!

Suspected fraud? Act immediately!

Smart people fall for scams every day and fraudsters are constantly changing their tactics to try and trick you. But, understanding their techniques will help protect you against them!

What are the warning signs and how do I avoid them?

  1. Avoid giving out private information, such as your bank details or password.
  2. Don’t reply to text messages that you think are not genuine.
  3. Don’t download attachments on an email from a non-identified source.
  4. Don’t click on any links in emails that you think are not original.

Recently, we received a letter from a national bank asking to change bank account details for the customer. The letter looked truly genuine including a logo and footer, but banks are not authorised to change any bank details unless the customer has told the bank to do so.

If you have received a similar letter or know someone that has, please contact your bank to let them know.

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Reporting fraud can lead to more awareness and better education, so if you have been victimised by fraudsters or know someone that has, be proactive and report your case to law enforcement and other authorities.

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