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What are the benefits of Xero?

xeroXero – Beautiful Accounting Software… It is easy to understand why Xero is known as beautiful accounting software when you see the benefits Xero can bring to you.

Our top 5 benefits of Xero:

  1. Collaboration – whether it is with your team, your accountant or your advisor, Xero makes sharing information easy, but safe and secure.
  2. Ease of access – As Xero is a piece of cloud accounting software and run over the internet, you can access your accounts from anywhere. This is ideal for the business that is based on the road, in multiple locations etc.
  3. Live data – Xero can be connected to your online bank accounts. This means that you can see an up-to-date cash-flow, see where your money is going and also see where your money is coming from.
  4. Invoicing made easy – Xero can also produce invoices and send them out to clients online so you can get paid quicker. It is also possible to see who has viewed your invoice, so there are no more ‘I haven’t received it’ excuses.
  5. Reconciliation made easy – As Xero is connected with your online bank account, it automatically imports your latest statements. Xero recognises when figures and details match, so all you have to do when reconciling is click ‘ok,’ once you’ve check they’re correct.

There are many more benefits to Xero, including that Xero can be specifically tailored to individual businesses. Xero can connect with over 340 add-ons, which help to tailor your accounts to your business and make it as simple as possible to run your business efficiently.

If you would like to find out exactly how Xero can benefit you and your business, please contact Ad Valorem using the details below and we can arrange a free demonstration.

Written by George Bruce

Ad Valorem Accountancy Services

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