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Why should I choose Xero?

We often get asked “why should I choose Xero?”xero

The answer is simple. It offers you total control, making viewing your finances easy, saving you time and money. Small business owners love Xero – over 400,000 small businesses have already chosen Xero, providing them with the ultimate chance of success.

Seamless connectivity to banks and add-ons mean that data flows in – all you have to do is code it, which you’re trained to do at your own pace, allowing the transfer to cloud accounting to run smoothly and efficiently.

The benefits Xero brings to your business include:

  • Easy access to a real time view of your cash-flow – providing real time advice
  • Reduced manual data entry – saving you time
  • Free and automatic updates – never having to worry about remembering updates again
  • Bank-level security protecting your data – even if you loose your laptop, the data is safe
  • Collaboration with team members made easy – online access keeps everyone connected
  • Keeping you on track – easy access to your account online allows us to make sure the coding is correct and saves you time by not having to send us the information
  • Greater efficiency creates capacity – providing space to grow your business

If you would like more time and more money, allowing your business to grow, contact Ad Valorem Accountancy Services for a free demonstration. Or for more information including an introductory video visit our Cloud Accounting Technology page here.

Written by George Bruce

Ad Valorem Accountancy Services

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