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Why switch to cloud accounting?

Three reasons why you should make the switch to cloud accounting: cloud-accounting

  1. Access to your live cash flow – Cloud Accounting software allows you to access and take control of your finances by seeing an up-to-date dashboard of your cash flow by integrating directly with bank balances and credit card transactions. The dashboard makes it easy to see how much money you have, where your money is going, who you need to pay and who needs to pay you. Having easy access to this information gives you the knowledge to make informed, smart business decisions. You’ll be able to see whether it is the right time to hire another employee, see whether it’s time to move to a larger premises, or know whether you should focus on a niche.
  1. Manage your finances on the move – Business owners are always on the move, whether visiting clients and suppliers or juggling family life picking the kids up from school, you’ll be able to keep an eye on your business wherever you are with internet access. Being able to view and manage your finances with cloud apps provides the ease of access and speed that you need whilst on the move. With Xero you can even take a picture of a receipt and upload it to your account, to file as an expense – allowing on-the-go access reduce tedious manual data entry.
  1. Collaborate from anywhere – Traditional accounting requires vast amounts of paper and large electronic files being transferred between your colleagues and accountant. This is extremely time consuming, resulting in your precious time being taken away from your core business and also meaning the data is out of date by the time it is processed. Alternatively, cloud accounting software such as Xero, allows multiple users to view information at the same time and provides real time data.

Cloud Accounting is the future – have you made the switch yet? Your competitors might have; giving them the edge…


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