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Xero – Gold Partners

We are extremely pleased and proud to announce that we are now Xero Gold Partners. xero-gold-partner-logo-hires-RGB

What is Xero?

Xero is online accounting software, also known as cloud accounting software. This means that instead of your accounts being stored on your computer or as paper copies, they are stored online – in the cloud. 

Why should I choose Xero?

Xero offers you total control, making viewing your finances easy, saving you time and money. Small business owners love Xero – over 400,000 small businesses have already chosen Xero, providing them with the ultimate chance of success.

Top 10 benefits of Xero:

  1. Live cashflow – integration between bank accounts and Xero means you can see your exact cashflow
  2. Safe and secure – the cloud is one of the safest places to store accounts
  3. Having multiple user access – no need to send paper copies or large electronic files, with easy online access
  4. Work from anywhere – access you account from anywhere online
  5. Bank statements are automatically imported and categorized – reconcile in seconds
  6. Collaborate over up-to-date data
  7. Saving space – no need for extra computer storage or filing cabinets
  8. Live data. Helping make business decisions
  9. Invoices sent online – get paid faster!
  10. Xero integrates with other accountancy software, such as receipt bank.

What is Receipt Bank?

Receipt Bank comes as an app, which you can have on your phone or tablet, enabling you to take pictures of bills, invoices and receipts. Once the picture is taken all you need to do is submit it for processing. This is where the magic happens. Receipt Bank reads the picture and extracts the following information:

  • Supplier
  • Category
  • Receipt Date
  • Currency
  • Receipt Total
  • Tax Total

It is also possible to make notes about the receipt and allocate it against a particular client or project. Think how much time you could save by letting Receipt Bank do the work…

How Secure is Cloud Accounting?

Security is always a concern with any size business and loss of data is a business’s worse nightmare. This is where cloud accounting could put your mind at ease!

The cloud is one of the most secure locations for data to be stored. Cloud based software companies boast:

  • Around the clock physical security
  • Multiple firewall layers and network security
  • Securely stored data online
  • Regular third-party audits and inspections

With servers being located in enterprise-grade hosting facilities, access is only granted to authorised staff through a combination of biometric systems. The servers are also protected by security guards around the clock. Does your laptop, memory stick or hard-drive have this kind of protection?

Just to make sure that the data is as secure as possible, independent inspections provide confirmation that the way the companies build and run their software is secure.

As well as the high level of physical security guarding the servers, external access to them is also highly guarded via multiple layers of firewall protection, intrusion protection systems and routers, which are monitored, configured and upgraded according to industry best practice.

FREE Demonstration

We offer a completely FREE demonstration of our cloud accounting solution, so please contact us using the details below to arrange a free demo. If you require more information please click here to visit our cloud accounting page.

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